Terms of Service

By using notimon you agree to the following terms.


You must be at least 16 years old to create an account on notimon.

Content and acceptable use

notimon is not liable for the content sent to notimon email addresses, stored in your notimon mailboxes, and presented to you when viewing your mailbox.

notimon is not liable for the wording used in alert messaging we send that derives from labels and descriptions entered by users. Users accept responsibility for the legality of that content in countries where they will access that messaging.

Data management and ownership

In general, you own your data and you can export it at any time. You can also update your data by logging into your account. You can request for your entire account and related data to be deleted by contacting support. For more details read the Privacy Policy.

notimon is not designed to be an email service. Email messages are only stored while your mailboxes are within their stated capacity. Incoming email is prioritised over historical mail. Historical mail may be deleted at any time to bring a mailbox back within its capacity restrictions to ensure capacity to receive new mail for the purpose of email monitoring. Delayed deletion of over-capacity messages should not be construed as an expansion of the capacity offered. notimon endeavours never to delete more mail than necessary to accommodate new incoming mail but this should not be reliad upon to avoid data loss.

Notifications and contact from notimon

Notimon may contact you from time to time for the following purposes:

By creating an account with notimon, you agree to receive these messages.

Limited liability

notimon is offered as is without any warranty.

While we do our best to follow best practices and offer a reliable service, notimon is not liable for reputational damage, financial or other loss as a result of the functionality or non-functionality of the notimon service.

The limited liability does not exclude the specific remedies described by the next section.

notimon accepts no responsibility for the availability of your chosen notification channels beyond notimon's service providers. notimon considers its service providers' service part of its service level commitment described in the next section, but unavailability of your service providers or general infrastructure between our service providers and yours is considered outside the scope of our service level agreement. i.e. your email service or their internet service is unavailable and you do not receive a notification, or a notification is delayed and arrives out of order, that is considered beyond notimon's control and responsibility.

Service Level Agreement

Excluding scheduled maintenance windows, notimon will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain 99.9% availability of the service for each calendar month.

The service is considered available as long as mail can be delivered to notimon, and notimon can deliver monitor state change notifications to notimon's users (bearing in mind limitations beyond notimon's service providers described in the previous section).


In case we have not met the above service level, we will refund your subscription for the month in question upon request. Refunds must be requested within one month of the outage.

If you are unhappy with the service for any reason, we will refund the last calendar month you have paid for. You do not have to explain why, but we would love to do better, so please do tell us how we have not met your expectations.

Please contact support to request a refund.


We make regular backups. However you are responsible for creating backups of your own data.

Choice of law and venue

Any claim shall be construed in accordance with the law applicable in South Africa.

You agree that any dispute arising from or relating to the subject matter of these Terms of Service shall be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the South African courts.


An account can be terminated by notimon for any reason.

You can close your account by request to support. Any request to terminate your account sent by email must be confirmed by direct reply. This will be considered sufficient identity verification.